Reflection to Little Brother by Cory Doctorow

1.Give your personal reflection to Little Brother.  Talk about it as a book, instead of as a tool for class.

Personally I really enjoyed reading Little Brother. At first as I read it I thought the whole thing was going to be all high technology related, finds out it was mainly just 75% confusing technology. I enjoyed the plot of terrorism in the city of San Francisco and how one high school student, Marcus, was tired of the abuse because of it and decided to do something about it. As I read on I thought about how fictional the book was but I did catch myself reading it as truth. I realized that although many events felt farfetched, such as cameras in classrooms and Vampmobs in the middle of the city, I knew the incident was still very possible. It was scary-fun to read especially how Doctorow took the time to explain some of the technology to less-experienced people, like myself. When he did this its almost like he proved everything else to be seeminly true as well.

I can honestly say I was hooked since I first picked up the book. Little Brother is very high packed with action but also a lot of temple rubbing. I found myself thinking a lot as I read through it; how would I react in this given situtation? Would I just let the government do their work and admit to all my faults even if the city’s disaster was not my fault? Or would I fight back and state the abuse the government is doing to me as an individual and as a constituent of the country? It was a great book in my opinion and it even threw in a bit of a romance as well as mystery. Several questions remained though, who blew up the Key Bridge? Why did Darryl apologize to Marcus some much at the end? What will happen to Masha and Zeb?


My Frames

2. Find a few (3-4) examples of frames from groups that you feel do a particularly good job of framing, at least related to how they speak to you.  Discuss why they work.

1)Right to Life: emotionally appealing, I love children.

2)Immigration Rights: emotionally appealing, personal ties with family and friends.

3) I don’t have a third group.

I feel these two groups do a good job speaking to me because they affect me personally as well as being publicized very well. I realized I had a difficult time finding a third group and I think that is because I am not so educated on other social movements as I should, therefore they have little relevance. I think the hardest thing to do is trying to convince some one that your movement is correct when the issue has no affect on them. For example, immigration if you are not an immigrant or don’t know anyone dearly close to you that is, than these issue does not relate to you. The most common thing for a person who has no tie to it is to go against the issue or not bother with it. Framing that gets to me is something that relates to me or affects me emotionally as well intellectually to issue that must be changed.


1. Find an example of a movement that you agree with presenting their issue or argument and describe how you would reframe it to appeal to a wider audience.  Talk about why you made the change and how you hope it to be more effective.

Currently one of the movement I am really for is regarding immigration in the United States, specifically benefits to the immigrant students in the USA to go to college. I feel people look at this issue and think they don’t want our country to let people just illegally come in to their country and on top of that receive benefits.

In order to reach these people the frame of this movement could be re-framed. Instead, of thinking how immigrants are invading our country; think about how well it will look on our country to have even more students in colleges and in result have even more doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc. The framing should be instead of thinking of these young immigrant children are a threat to society think of them as the key to tomorrow. All America is doing is keeping these minds from expanding because they don’t have the necessary resources to make it to college. Sure, an immigrant student can attend George Mason University and be considered an “international student” but they end up paying out-of-state tuition even though they’ve never left Virginia since the first day they came to this country.

Opression of protest

Find a news story or video about the repression of protest groups in the United States in the past ten years. Post the video or link and talk about what you found.  Are the actions justified?  Do they effect your feelings about the society we live in (positively or negatively)?

“Arizona immigration law protesters arrested after blocking street”

Here is a video about this protest

Luckily nobody was hurt in the protest just some arrests. But it is pretty tough seeing how protesters are never confronted by the people they want the attention of instead its the police, security, FBI, etc. I would think we would be civilized enough to talk about the issues at hand and do something about it, but n if you’re not wearing a suit and tie and don’t have a seat in government then your voice is drowned out. The United States tackles our protesters better than other countries would for civil disobedience. In other countries, you would probably be shot or exiled from the country. I’m not too ashamed for how my country deals with these issues and the oppression of protesters.

Since, I feel without oppression there wouldn’t be change. You have to first find out what you’re missing in order to demand it. I do wish we could get to a point where protests aren’t needed anymore and there is a quicker and more efficient way of getting change to happen with less suffering and injuries.

My EL#1

My support against abortion was the topic/stance. I used my car as the vehicle of choice (no pun intended) in order to get my point across.  I posted on three of my car windows, not including the driver’s window, small posters that stated my point.

1. Was a big circle with ABORTION written in the middle and a red slash going through the word diagonally.

2. A statement that read; “WHY KILL INNOCENT CHILDREN”

3. A poster stating two statistics

  • 1%  of all abortions are due to rape or incest
  • 50% of all women getting abortions are 25 years of age or younger

*If you are interested in looking up abortion pictures on Google please be advised that many of them are actual abortion pictures, so please search at your own risk.

I kept it pretty short and simple so people wouldn’t get so confused by reading so much information about such an uncomfortable subject for most. My car is red so I hoped that would bring some attention to the signs as well as being stuck in traffic give people something to read/look at. Once I think about it now, I should have had them larger and placed on the doors of my car just in case I might have been pulled over by the police. I also should have attached some bells and whistles such as a sign saying “Honk if you agree!” or crying babydolls on top of my cars hood.

Overall, it was an uncomfortable experience I normally don’t like to state my opinion outside of for-educational-purpose-only setting. I did learn a lot about if people have the choice to look away they will, so best tactics for grabbing attention would be by finding moments when they have no choice but to listen or read.

German Women

As read at the end of reading assignment it spoke about how German women helped prevent the exile of 1,700 Jewish men. They did so by marrying them and giving them privileged rights for being married to non-Jewish women. This did not stop the Nazis to later round-up these men and hold them in  the 4-storey Jewish Community centre in Rosenstrasse to wait for their transport to Auschwitz concentration camp. The women knew something was not right. So they decided to  join together to  protest their husbands removal from society and joined together in the same chant “we want our husbands back” in front of the Jewish community center. Fortunately, for these women they were able to receive their husbands back with no use of any violence as well as receive back  the husbands who were on the way to Auschwitz concentration camp.

I feel that non-violence actions winning over violent actions caused by the Nazis, to oppress the people, was not always the case. Yet, I do feel a lot more lives were spared through nonviolence than if violence was chosen, in order to fight the Nazis. I understand that non-violence against violence from the Nazis was a difficult task to achieve, it was possible though and it was shown through several actions taken during the World War 2.  One them being the one mentioned above as well as the important role religious leaders took in stressing the importance of the liberty of humanity.

Bringing Down a Dictator: Reflection

1.Respond to Bringing Down a Dictator (if you missed class, it looks like there is a version of the film online).  Talk about a) your personal response to the film, b) talk about one element from the CANVAS manual that you saw in practice in the film, and c) what you are going to take from the film for your movements and other work.

a) I really enjoyed the film, partly because I was learning about something I did not know enough about. I liked that this was a social movement in a different country with a different government. It helped expand my knowledge beyond the walls of my own country. It also helped me to understand that age nor social status should allow anyone to believe they can’t make a change. In this over throw of government; it was started by college students who knew change had to occur and they  took a chance and took action. Although at first it was not easy, they stuck with their beliefs and pushed forward getting mass attention where they could. This grand revolt also taught me the importance of unity when working to make change. If these students did not meet regularly they would have less unity as well as confusion. Each group of students that separated were trained the same of how to persuade people as well as inform people of their ideas. Through their actions of unity the revolt kept violence to a minimal making their efforts so much more valuable. 

b) One type of element written in the CANVAS manual that was used in the film was the communication tool of the television as well as radio. OTPOR tried their best to be on the air broadcasting their views, ideas, as well as hopes for their movement through radio. This helped keep their followers well-informed of everything that went on throughout the country of Serbia. Along with radio OTPOR created commercials to televised their views on air, this is an example:

Through this commercial OTPOR was able to portray their feelings regarding their country’s current political status as well as the leader of their country. They did so by the use of a metaphor of cleaning a dirty shirt to getting rid of a leader. This must have grabbed mass attention since it was a commercial that could pass for any other daily commercial about household cleaning products. This commercial leaves a lasting effect on the viewer because the picture of Serbia’s current leader is clearly shown. And the goal is clearly stated; to get rid of their current leader.

c) I really enjoyed the film and I take many things from watching it. One would be that everyone has a voice no matter how small or big you are. Change can happen if you insist on it. I also learned that without many your cause is lost but a movement can start with a few. Overall, I feel that if the country of Serbia would have not all agree that their current leader needed to be removed then there never would have been an uprising.