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The Big Wrap Up

2. Do the big wrap-up thing.  You don’t have a general reflection paper at the end (that’s just about the simulation project), so here is your opportunity.  What have you learned?  What have you learned about yourself?  What are you taking from this class?  How does this fit into your academic experience?  How does it fit with your career plans?

Well, I can honestly say I enjoyed the class. I was not liking the fact that the class eventually was ending at 10pm and I would get home at 11pm but I did enjoy the material. I chose this class because I felt that I needed to get educated in this field especially being of minority decent and constantly wanting change yet not knowing how to achieve it. This class taught me a lot about other groups besides the obvious ones in history (i.e. civil rights and w omen’s suffrage) that have struggle with their liberties. More, importantly I enjoyed the fact that they were not all American struggles but in other countries and how they were successful or not successful. I feel this course has empowered me as a leader in all I do not just politically (which I’m not really). It empowered by reminding me that people have struggle since the beginning of time but that has not stopped them from achieving their goals; they pushed harder and went further.  Overall, the main message I got from the course is “if you don’t like something then do something about it even if your young, alone, or scared… do something!”.

I am pursuing a career as a physical therapist and I know everything that I learned in class will help me as a leader in my profession. I can use it by making sure that if anything deters me from fully helping a patient than I should do something about it either being a certain policy or law. If I feel that more can be done for my patient I should be able to work for those rights and even more for my rights if I am being abused by my current practice.



My AIDS quilt panel

1. Presume that you have died in the next AIDS-type epidemic event (don’t get hung up on details).  What do you want your friends and family to put on your quilt panel?  What would make the best argument that you should have lived?

This is such a horrible thing to think about but due to the circumstance of being something so sad as AIDS I would want my quilt to be joyous. I would want it decked out with my favorite colors; royal purple, pink, lavender and turquoise.  I would love a picture of Jesus on it with an ichthys (Christian fish). I would want people to look at it and have faith that all things happen for a reason either through faith in God or just in simple destiny. I would like my quilt shown as if it were an American flag laid out on the coffin of an American soldier whose passed away during war. My quilt would represent my struggle yet also the strength I possessed during the time. Finally, I would like a quote at the bottom in red cursive; “The fight is NOT over yet”.

(Something like this… created on Paint)

The second part of this assignment I don’t quite understand; “What would be the best argument that [I] should have lived?”. I think it would be the best argument and for me and everyone else is that everyone has a purpose in life yet my possibilities were shorten or it can be viewed that my purpose was to bring awareness of a cause by giving my life.

The Plague Year

Question #2, give a personal reflection on the article and talk about your impressions of the AIDS crisis and the social movement reactions to it.

It just gives me the chills just reading this article. It puts the idea of AIDS as a plague which is not at all how we see AIDS today. AIDS today can be compared similar to Cancer in the sense that their is treatment to help fight it off to help the individual live a longer life than expected. Nowadays to think of a classroom of 300 students and little by little several students start to die off and the class size ends with 180 students for the semester or even 250 is still a huge difference. I have yet to lose too many people in my life and till this day I can still count the closes people to me that have passed away on one hand; I couldn’t imagine counting them on two hands or more.

I liked the article because it brought into prespective why the homosexual community has worked so hard in wanting liberties because this epdemic has played a large part of their community and it was treated unjustifiably. Sad enough, when AIDS came around because of its association with Homosexuals it caused the death of many Homosexuals and many other people who were not Homosexuals themselves.

ACT-UP Oral History Project

Question #1:  For your blog, in addition to reading the two of these, review at least two videos from the ACT-UP Oral History Project.  Then write about the question of direct action.  Can it be justified?  Under what circumstances?  What tactics do you feel are legitimate?  Are these rules different for different causes?  ACT-UP was operating in an environment where the people they were advocating for were literally dying around them.  Does that change your impression of the tactics?

I think the ACT-UP Oral History Project worked because of the way it confronted the issue of AIDS head on. It discussed how they worked to help bring about change by uniting with people who felt change needed to happen. This people each told their story about how they work for that change in addition to their story they shared their face. Each person who told their story was essentially different for the other either by race, sex, or sexual orientation. The diversity of the story tellers helped show that everyone should care just like they have. In other words, AIDS affects everyone infected or non-infected.

Also playing on the fact that it gets very personal that they know people have died or are dying of the disease their stories hit harder. These stories and views become more personal as well as emotional. They all show how their stories play a huge part in remembering how AIDS was taken before and the difference that it is today. AIDS is now a disease that the world is fighting against unlike before when AIDS was kept in hidding so the public wouldn’t know; now the world has decided to face it for what it really is a deadly disease that kills many.

Dissent Exhibition and Buzzfeed

Click the slide show under the “add to favorites” tab to see the images.  Think about the presentation of the work in a building as opposed to on the street.  What would be different about the experience?  Regarding Buzzfeed, I’m not sure “best” is the right word here, but this is what you are up against.  These are people like you who have something to say.   Are they successful?

Presentation of work within an exhibit is taken more seriously than signs people have made at home and taken to the streets. The exhibit especially when a subject is  used to correlate all work makes people think but also persuade them to buy the work. This setting adds to the work making it civil and intellectually stimulating. While if the work is presented in an event with no structure such as in a rally the serious of the sign is lost even more when there is misspelling.


1)As college students and critical thinkers you should already know about Adbusters. I want you to look and to think about how they choose to treat their visual subject matter. Especially focus on the past issue magazine covers, the spoof advertisements, and their media section. I also want you to compare the difference between the physical magazine (which should be available at the Johnson Center Bookstore) and the web version. Do they communicate the same message? Is one a better means of communication?

I never knew there was a term for Ads that made a statement while playing on another. I never heard of Adbusters either, until now. When I first started going through the ads on its website they reminded me of the cover of MAD magazines due to its humor and eye catching images.

All their images and media was very eye catching and attention getters that were found on their website. I personally prefer the website over the magazine because through it I can read blogs other people have wrote as well as view videos; which is something you can’t  do with a magazine unless you have that Iphone app. that reads a code on the magazine and automatically plays a video. The website lets the reader/viewer pick what they want to see as well as look around at old articles and magazine covers. The magazine would  be much easier for bathroom material such as a People magazine is, just filled with lots and lots of pictures and a few articles. The Adbusters magazine would be good though for tearing out the pictures and taping them up in public places yet I think the information for the reader is better found through the website.

Regarding the magazine covers I feel that attention grabbers are the focus. The same way that Enquire magazine grabs the attention of their costumers, Adbusters does the same. Grabbing the attention of random people helps the point get across to many no matter the age, race or sex of the person. By grabbing their attention through the cover this creates curiousness for them to want to understand the image and maybe even read more into it. The way Adbusters get this attention is by putting images of famous, poplar and controversial people or things which is there many point, the commercial is turning everyone’s brains into mush.



Reflection on Kruger’s Art

2. View Barbara Kruger’s art.  Few artists have crossed the political-high art divide like Barbara Kruger.  Her work sets the gold standard for this type of activity.  I want you to tell me why.

After looking at her Barbara Kruger’s art I felt it was kind of evident to why Kruger’s art set the gold standard for political-high art. Her statements are done in a way that they can’t be overlooked nor misunderstood. Her art is very explicit sometimes which not only catches the attention of an older audience but of younger crowds as well. My favorite art piece would have to be “You can’t drag your money into the grave with you” (1990).