The Big Wrap Up

2. Do the big wrap-up thing.  You don’t have a general reflection paper at the end (that’s just about the simulation project), so here is your opportunity.  What have you learned?  What have you learned about yourself?  What are you taking from this class?  How does this fit into your academic experience?  How does it fit with your career plans?

Well, I can honestly say I enjoyed the class. I was not liking the fact that the class eventually was ending at 10pm and I would get home at 11pm but I did enjoy the material. I chose this class because I felt that I needed to get educated in this field especially being of minority decent and constantly wanting change yet not knowing how to achieve it. This class taught me a lot about other groups besides the obvious ones in history (i.e. civil rights and w omen’s suffrage) that have struggle with their liberties. More, importantly I enjoyed the fact that they were not all American struggles but in other countries and how they were successful or not successful. I feel this course has empowered me as a leader in all I do not just politically (which I’m not really). It empowered by reminding me that people have struggle since the beginning of time but that has not stopped them from achieving their goals; they pushed harder and went further.  Overall, the main message I got from the course is “if you don’t like something then do something about it even if your young, alone, or scared… do something!”.

I am pursuing a career as a physical therapist and I know everything that I learned in class will help me as a leader in my profession. I can use it by making sure that if anything deters me from fully helping a patient than I should do something about it either being a certain policy or law. If I feel that more can be done for my patient I should be able to work for those rights and even more for my rights if I am being abused by my current practice.



2 responses to “The Big Wrap Up

  1. I like how you applied the class to your future career. I think that I have trouble applying activism to things like physical therapy, or other jobs that might appear to not have a social change context. And that’s why I feel like I have to do something that will facilitate my action. Anyway, I appreciate your perspective, it helps me to reframe the ideas of action and life.

  2. I liked your reasoning for taking this class, it was a different reasoning that I haven’t read yet so that in itself was unique, since the reason I took this class was because it just looked interesting. The main message you got from the class was a good one, and I don’t think there would be any other way of saying that. I also have to agree with can i see your glasses and say good job at combining this class and the career you want. It’s sometimes hard for people to see correlations between things that aren’t as obvious as some are, and it was good that you looked at them and combined them as you did.

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