My AIDS quilt panel

1. Presume that you have died in the next AIDS-type epidemic event (don’t get hung up on details).  What do you want your friends and family to put on your quilt panel?  What would make the best argument that you should have lived?

This is such a horrible thing to think about but due to the circumstance of being something so sad as AIDS I would want my quilt to be joyous. I would want it decked out with my favorite colors; royal purple, pink, lavender and turquoise.  I would love a picture of Jesus on it with an ichthys (Christian fish). I would want people to look at it and have faith that all things happen for a reason either through faith in God or just in simple destiny. I would like my quilt shown as if it were an American flag laid out on the coffin of an American soldier whose passed away during war. My quilt would represent my struggle yet also the strength I possessed during the time. Finally, I would like a quote at the bottom in red cursive; “The fight is NOT over yet”.

(Something like this… created on Paint)

The second part of this assignment I don’t quite understand; “What would be the best argument that [I] should have lived?”. I think it would be the best argument and for me and everyone else is that everyone has a purpose in life yet my possibilities were shorten or it can be viewed that my purpose was to bring awareness of a cause by giving my life.


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