The Plague Year

Question #2, give a personal reflection on the article and talk about your impressions of the AIDS crisis and the social movement reactions to it.

It just gives me the chills just reading this article. It puts the idea of AIDS as a plague which is not at all how we see AIDS today. AIDS today can be compared similar to Cancer in the sense that their is treatment to help fight it off to help the individual live a longer life than expected. Nowadays to think of a classroom of 300 students and little by little several students start to die off and the class size ends with 180 students for the semester or even 250 is still a huge difference. I have yet to lose too many people in my life and till this day I can still count the closes people to me that have passed away on one hand; I couldn’t imagine counting them on two hands or more.

I liked the article because it brought into prespective why the homosexual community has worked so hard in wanting liberties because this epdemic has played a large part of their community and it was treated unjustifiably. Sad enough, when AIDS came around because of its association with Homosexuals it caused the death of many Homosexuals and many other people who were not Homosexuals themselves.


One response to “The Plague Year

  1. I also felt this article was so worth while to read as a time piece because when HIV and AIDS first infiltrated our society- it spread unfathomably like a plague. Everyone was taken aback and it took far too long to pinpoint what the disease really was, how it spread, and how to treat it. HIV and AIDS are still infecting people at a rapid rate, but as you compared it to cancer, it can today be treated by medication and treatments without a definite death sentence

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