Dissent Exhibition and Buzzfeed

Click the slide show under the “add to favorites” tab to see the images.  Think about the presentation of the work in a building as opposed to on the street.  What would be different about the experience?  Regarding Buzzfeed, I’m not sure “best” is the right word here, but this is what you are up against.  These are people like you who have something to say.   Are they successful?

Presentation of work within an exhibit is taken more seriously than signs people have made at home and taken to the streets. The exhibit especially when a subject is  used to correlate all work makes people think but also persuade them to buy the work. This setting adds to the work making it civil and intellectually stimulating. While if the work is presented in an event with no structure such as in a rally the serious of the sign is lost even more when there is misspelling.


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