1)As college students and critical thinkers you should already know about Adbusters. I want you to look and to think about how they choose to treat their visual subject matter. Especially focus on the past issue magazine covers, the spoof advertisements, and their media section. I also want you to compare the difference between the physical magazine (which should be available at the Johnson Center Bookstore) and the web version. Do they communicate the same message? Is one a better means of communication?

I never knew there was a term for Ads that made a statement while playing on another. I never heard of Adbusters either, until now. When I first started going through the ads on its website they reminded me of the cover of MAD magazines due to its humor and eye catching images.

All their images and media was very eye catching and attention getters that were found on their website. I personally prefer the website over the magazine because through it I can read blogs other people have wrote as well as view videos; which is something you can’t  do with a magazine unless you have that Iphone app. that reads a code on the magazine and automatically plays a video. The website lets the reader/viewer pick what they want to see as well as look around at old articles and magazine covers. The magazine would  be much easier for bathroom material such as a People magazine is, just filled with lots and lots of pictures and a few articles. The Adbusters magazine would be good though for tearing out the pictures and taping them up in public places yet I think the information for the reader is better found through the website.

Regarding the magazine covers I feel that attention grabbers are the focus. The same way that Enquire magazine grabs the attention of their costumers, Adbusters does the same. Grabbing the attention of random people helps the point get across to many no matter the age, race or sex of the person. By grabbing their attention through the cover this creates curiousness for them to want to understand the image and maybe even read more into it. The way Adbusters get this attention is by putting images of famous, poplar and controversial people or things which is there many point, the commercial is turning everyone’s brains into mush.




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